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MoMo Sydney – Nov. 4th – Pandora Music Genome Project

Posted: Oct 28th, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

Pandora: putting the Music Genome Project directly in your hands.
Join us next week as we hear from Jane Huxley, Managing Director of Pandora Australia and New Zealand on how they’re bringing free streaming radio to  Australia and New Zealand that is uniquely customised to each listener. Jane will share how [...]

MoMo Sydney – Oct. 14th – Mobile Payment Platforms

Posted: Oct 1st, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

Our next event is on Monday 14th October 2013 dedicated to Mobile Payments
PayPal – Mobile SDK Update
PRESENTER: Jimmie Lindstrom Senior Sales Engineer at PayPal
Jimmie will speak about the new PayPal mobile SDK that is available for both IOS and Android as an native rendered integration. This mobile SDK will let a merchant rapidly integrate [...]

MoMo Sydney – Sept. 2nd – Focus on The App Economy

Posted: Aug 26th, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed, Sydney |

Despite there being over 900,000 apps in the Appstore and 700,000 in Google Play – suggesting the chances of individual success for the next flashlight app are rapidly diminishing – the global mobile app market is still growing incredibly strongly with Gartner predicting it set to triple from $24.5 billion in 2013 to $74 billion [...]

MoMo Sydney – Aug. 5th – Mobile Video & Ooga Baby

Posted: Aug 1st, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

Monday 5th August 2013
Mobile Video: Incoming and Photos: Ooga Baby
Incoming Media is a spinout from NICTA (office in Sydney and Santa Clara) which providing content providers an understanding of the entire mobile video experience from the content they watch, the context in which they watch it, their behavior when watching, and the networks they travel [...]

MoMo Sydney – July 1st – Regarding Responsive Design

Posted: Jun 25th, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

Responsive design: is it shifting the focus away from mobile app development?
With companies and enterprises rushing to “mobilise” their web sites, is responsive design the best approach to get content on 2nd and 3rd screens?  Is this merely a tick-box exercise just to have mobile presence? Or is there still an argument to go [...]

MoMo Sydney – June 3rd – It’s Founders Night!

Posted: May 22nd, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

Tim Parsons & Shane Williamson are both presenting, so join us for your favorite beverage and some interactive sessions on the mobile ecosystem & online video.
Update on the Mobile Ecosystem:
Shane will be presenting an update on the mobile ecosystem with some stats & facts. As well as a discussion on some of the interesting trends [...]

MoMo Sydney – May 6th – Presentations by Twitter & Mi9

Posted: Apr 30th, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

New Twitter features promising to change how we look at tweets, PLUS actionable research and killer insights for smart mobile devices from

Mike Brown (@TwitterAU)
International Growth Team
Roxanne Hoad
Marketing Director
Mi9 / ninemsn

San Franscisco native Mike Brown joins us to talk about Twitter’s latest innovation Twitter Cards. We’ll also have a rich Q&A about Twitter’s [...]

MoMo Sydney – April 8th – Clipp Bar + BlackBerry

Posted: Mar 26th, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

Mobile Monday April 8th – Full Details and Registration Here!
Clipp Mobile Bar Tabs
Clipp is a new mobile service, designed locally, to make creating a bar tab easier for both the customer and the business. Greg and Craig will talk us through the project from ideation to upcoming launch.
Greg founded eCoffeeCard, a loyalty card app [...]

MoMo Sydney – Feb. 4th – FLASHMOB.. Your MoMo Story!

Posted: Jan 31st, 2013 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

Let’s kick off 2013 with YOUR MOMO STORY
Smartphones are EVERYWHERE. Your MUM has an iPad. Commuters are 90% users. You’re reading this on touch device right! Ok now that Mobility is ubiquitous, what’s the mobile industry doing with it?

Actually, we’ll kick off first…
Mobile Monday Co-Founder Tim Parsons will kick off in PECHA KUCHA-style with his [...]

MoMo Sydney – Nov. 5th – Meet Nina by Nuance

Posted: Oct 29th, 2012 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Sydney |

First there was Siri, now meet Nina….
Nina knows you. She knows your voice. She also understands what you want based on your natural phrasing of your request. Nina streamlines logging in, finding features in the app, asking questions and performing transactions using the power of talk, type and tap—making mobile interactions [...]