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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of April 7th – 2014

Posted: Apr 7th, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed |

We Were Just Kidding, Honest – Spring Bytes Cleaning – A Bakers Dozen

Whooa.. thanks for all the love / hate mail on our cheeky update last week – to be clear: Yes, of course, that MFST ‘news’ was only an April Fools stunt! Looking at the round-up below; we have a bakers dozen (Lucky 13!) events running around the Mo’World today with Wearable theme focus in both Calgary and Hamburg.

Also thought should mention the long overdue design update for is bubbling on the back-end; while this site was well-ahead of the curve when we re-launched the current version, soon 4yrs ago, it’s really about time to do some spring cleaning around here. Meanwhile.. hope all have great week ahead.. Smile.. It’s Monday.. :D

MoMo Ann Arbor – April 7th – The Kit Kat Edition!

MoMo Atlanta – April 7th – Social Networking Event

MoMo Belfast – April 7th – Mobile Apps for Business

MoMo Calgary – April 7th – Wearable Technology

MoMo Frankfurt – April 7th – Mobile Marketing

MoMo Hamburg – April 7th – Wearable Devices

MoMo Kuala Lumpur – April 7th – It’s Movie Night

MoMo Melbourne – April 7th – Mobility Powered Cars

MoMo Mexico City – April 7th – Mobile Payments

MoMo Philadelphia – April 7th – Tech Week MixMax

MoMo Phoenix – April 7th – Designer + Developer

MoMo Santa Monica – April 7th – Reinventing Mobile

MoMo Split – April 7th – iOS Live Coding Demos

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Mobile Asia Expo 2014 – Mobile Monday Members Discount

Posted: Apr 1st, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, Shanghai |

Event Name: GSMA Mobile Asia Expo
Date: 11-13 June 2014
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China
Mobile connects us to new information, possibilities, people, ideas and experiences. The 2014 Mobile Asia Expo will celebrate and expand on the connections offered by mobile. Senior industry leaders will learn about new developments and make [...]

Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of March 31st – 2014

Posted: Mar 31st, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed |

Coming a Day Late – With Good Reason – Big News for MoMo Global Group

Pardon the lag, we had hold-back our usual weekly Monday update for an extra day considering some of the important ‘news’ to share here. For starters, as you may have already heard, indeed, the global Mobile Monday community has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft – terms not revealed, but somewhat less than WhatsApp – and we are thrilled to welcome 29 new chapter locations to the family!

It’s been a pleasure to serve = my work is done.. the Easter Egg Hunt post is a personal all-time Fav. from right about this time last year..

Jetting back to reality; Smile.. it’s April 1st, wanted to send Big Ups to our team in SFO on their recent promo video – they are def. cranking on all cylinders out in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, here’s a quick tour below of MoMo global event activities ontap.. Hello World.... 8-)

MoMo Dusseldorf – March 31st – Mobile Payments

MoMo Helsinki – March 31st – Galileo Navigation

MoMo Lagos – March 31st – Devcon Alpha WP8

MoMo Miami – March 31st – Enterprise Mobility

MoMo Nairobi – March 31st – Meetup with Microsoft

MoMo Rennes – March 31st – MWC 2014 Review

MoMo Silicon Valley – March 31st – iBeacon for Retail

MoMo Tokyo – March 31st – Cherry Blossom Party

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Hello World Coding Championships

Posted: Mar 31st, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed |

Sign up for the first ever Coding World Championships
This Spring, get to know the future superstars behind the code: Hello World Open challenges the top coders to defend their countries’ honour in the first ever Coding World Championships.
Organised by the creative technology company Reaktor and the mobile game developer Supercell, Hello World Open brings programming [...]

Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of March 17th – 2014

Posted: Mar 16th, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed |

Luck of the Irish – Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Let the Green Juices Flow

As if we needed another reason to Smile today.. Bring on the Leprechauns – those wee fairy creatures who enjoy partaking in mischief and, if captured, have the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release.. some innovative Trap Designs Here. We count 8 MoMo events scheduled around the world this week, from Adelaide to Tel Aviv, with Chicago featuring Google Glass, Islamabad dedicated to 4G in Pakistan and Paris running Mobile Payment Demos. Quick shout-out to our crew in Austin as their annual SXSW gig rocked, feeling a bit woozy, and Congrats to MoMex on their energetic re-boot last week! Now looking forward to usual madness of GDC in SFO – Needs.Me.Red.Bull – meanwhile, Enjoy the First day of Spring and Remember to Smile.. iiiit’s Monday.. 8-)

MoMo Adelaide – March 17th – AIMIA with PT Biz

MoMo Ahmedabad – March 22nd – Mobile Devs Workshop

MoMo Chicago – March 17th – Google Glass Hands-on

MoMo Estonia – March 17th – Startup Accelerators!

MoMo Islamabad – March 17th – 3G/4G in Pakistan

MoMo Nazareth – March 17th – Innovation that Matters

MoMo Paris – March 17th – Mobile Payment Demos

MoMo Tel Aviv – March 17th – Purim Mixer and Party

Happy Bots

Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of March 10th – 2014

Posted: Mar 8th, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed |

MWC 2014 Done – Gut Check for SXSW Action – Here We Go Again.. !__!

We’re finally getting re-packed after another epic gathering in Barcelona.. a long list of Congrats in order, from partner events running at old Fira Montjuic including an impressive debut of 4YFN to the energetic organizers @GSMA, it was a worthwhile adventure as always! Of course we’re thrilled to see So Many MoMoistas at our little VIP Mixer swing-ding, Biggie Smiles to the sponsors, which featured quick heads-up on the spring 2014 Momentum program, signing partnership with WSA and warm welcome aboard for our latest addition to the family: MoMo Yangon! Next up.. SXSW – promises to be chaos plus alpha – and Great to see MoMo Mexico City coming back online, the best effort collection of events this week listed below, So.. Hey.. Smile.. It’s Monday.. :D

MoMo Austin – March 10th – SXSW 2014 Social Event

MoMo Berlin – March 10th – Mobile in the Cloud

MoMo Boston – March 10th – Mobile Payments Growth

MoMo Brussels – March 10th – Inspiration Mobile

MoMo Detroit – March 10th – Wearable Computing

MoMo Helsinki – March 10th – Enabling Entrepreneurs

MoMo Melbourne – March 11th – MWC Review +Trends

MoMo Mexico City – March 10th – Chapter ReBoot!

MoMo Split – March 10th – Mobile Game Developers

MoMo Yerevan – March 10th – Native vs. Hybrid Apps

Happy Bots

Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of February 17th – 2014

Posted: Feb 16th, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed |

Mobile World Congress – Road to Barcelona – Get Your Game Face On!

Gosh.. the wheels blew off our wagon-train here these last few weeks, as noted in Mob Rulz update late January.. it’s been most hectic times. So, now we are pretty much (ha!) Locked & Loaded for the annual trek to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. This year promises to be even more chaos than usual, as if that were possible, with both old and new venues running full tilt over the four daze. We have a fairly tight calendar scheduled; really pumped for the WIP Jam, Heroes and 4YFN action, including the SWELL event & of course our MoMo Founders and Friends VIP Mixer: Register Here. Otherwise, the upcoming MoMo global gigs ontap below, we’ll be back in March. Meanwhile = Smile.. It’s Monday!

MoMo Brisbane – Feb. 17th – How to Market Your App

MoMo Ljubljana – Feb. 17th – Hardware & Mobile Apps

MoMo London – Feb. 17th – Acceleration and Finance

MoMo Manchester – Feb. 17th – Mobile Health Futures

MoMo Miami – Feb. 17th – The Basics: M2M and IoT

MoMo Tokyo – Feb. 17th – Going Global VIP Mixer

MoMo Bangkok – Feb. 24th – Brings LINE to Thailand

MoMo Barcelona – Feb. 24th – Founders & Friends

MoMo Cairo – Feb. 24th – Windows Phone Platform

MoMo Chicago – Feb. 24th – Omnichannel Experience

MoMo Taipei – Feb. 24th – The Future of Commerce

MoMo Ann Arbor – March 3rd – Introduction to iOS7

MoMo Atlanta – March 3rd – Social Biz Networking

MoMo Kuala Lumpur – March 3rd – Predictions 2014

MoMo Phoenix – March 3rd – at Skysong Building

MoMo Austin – March 10th – SXSW 2014 Social Event

MoMo Berlin – March 10th – Mobile in the Cloud

MoMo Boston – March 10th – Mobile Payments Growth

MoMo Detroit – March 10th – Wearable Computing

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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of January 27th – 2014

Posted: Jan 26th, 2014 | MoMo Asia News Feed, MoMo Global News Feed |

Countdown to Barcelona – Who Set This Pace! – Busy Bots Back Up for Air

Doh.. it just ticked under the 30-day clock on our annual trek to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, good guess many folks are scrambling for last minute details, scheduled meets and regretting not having their travel arrangements locked-in a month ago. Pumped to see Heroes of the Mobile Fringe gearing up, Swedish Beers is must attend, and of course the MoMo Founders & Friends VIP Mixer will be Great Fun as usual. Sorry we’ve missed posting our regular updates here the last couple of weeks, hectic days & tight deadlines, looks like we’ll be riding hard through this new Year of the Horse. Our best effort round-up for MoMo global events running the next few weeks listed below.. Meanwhile – Hey – Smile.. It’s Monday!

MoMo Belgrade – Jan. 27th – Sony Mobile & PSTech

MoMo Chicago – Jan. 27th – Omnichannel Experience

MoMo Hong Kong – Jan. 27th – In Coins We Trust

MoMo Lagos – Jan. 27th – MoMo DevCon Alpha

MoMo New York – Jan. 27th – Fireside Chat Series

MoMo Rennes – Jan. 27th – Mobile App Strategies

MoMo Santa Monica – Jan. 27th – Mobile Education

MoMo Silicon Valley – Jan. 27th – Future of Imaging

MoMo Jakarta – Jan. 28th – Mobile Tourism

MoMo Accra – Jan. 31st – mLearning Advantage

MoMo Ann Arbor – Feb. 3rd – App Share Night

MoMo Belfast – Feb. 3rd – Mobile in Retail

MoMo Calgary – Feb. 3rd – Mobile for Social Good

MoMo Edmonton – Feb. 3rd – Mobile Payments

MoMo Kuala Lumpur – Feb. 3rd – Predictions 2014

MoMo Split – Feb. 3rd – with CodeAnywhere

MoMo Sydney – Feb. 3rd – Social Media on Mobile

MoMo Tampere – Feb. 3rd – New Qt Mobile Era

MoMo Yerevan – Feb. 3rd – StartUp Pitching

MoMo Ahmedabad – Feb. 10th – Localization

MoMo Detroit – Feb. 10th – Post CES Report

MoMo Seoul – Feb. 10th – Mobile Wallet Payments

MoMo Philadelphia – Feb. 10th – mHealth Forum

MoMo Vancouver – Feb. 10th – HTML5 Connection

MoMo Wales – Feb. 10th – Smart Glasses & More

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Payment all-in-one! = Your mobile wallet?

Posted: Jan 23rd, 2014 | Hong Kong, MoMo Asia News Feed, Uncategorized |

Mobile Payments, NFC, Mobile Wallets, Digital Currencies… Gee, so many variables. Does the consumer care? Do Governments care? What does Retail think? In fact, it’s all about 1. Trust 2. Simplicity 3. Velocity So, what is NFC? NFC is a medium for mobile wallet related transactions, which is very similar to the technology used in […]

In Coins We Trust

Posted: Jan 20th, 2014 | Hong Kong, MoMo Asia News Feed |

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