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Plans drawn on 2010 edition of MoMo Chennai

Posted: Jan 18th, 2010 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

Happy New Year to all mobile enthusiasts ! With Indian economy back on the aggressive growth axis its high time we focus on supporting entrepreneurship and development. Even though the government and industry has been trying hard to translate the benefits of IT growth to the masses it wasn’t able to impinge the same.
Mobile penetration [...]

June 2008 – Momo Chennai – iPhone Development

Posted: May 23rd, 2008 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

June 2008 – Momo Chennai – iPhone Development
The upcoming edition of momo Chennai will focus on iPhone – web / SDK based development. Having said that, the target audience will be Mobile Software Developers, Enterpreneurs, etc who is technically inclined and who is interested in capilizing on the iPhone Launch in India.
The momo sessions [...]

Forum Nokia launches indian website , join now to win freebies

Posted: Mar 30th, 2008 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

I just heard from Nokia that they have launched the Forum Nokia India Website at
The cool thing about this is that they are giving away a Nokia N95 8GB as a part of the lucky draw.
You can also win a Nokia 6110 Navigator and a 5610 express music phone
The last date for signing [...]

MoMo Chennai 2 was great

Posted: Feb 17th, 2008 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

The second MoMo Chennai (MobileMonday) concluded on a high note yesterday at the Gandhi nagar club.
The event saw over 60 mobile enthusiasts from the city meeting and sharing views on mobile technology.

Prakash Sayini , Developers Relations ,Forum Nokia spoke on ”
The route to global market opportunities with Nokia – for mobile application developers Going to [...]

MoMo Chennai Edition 2 Register now ! limited seats

Posted: Feb 2nd, 2008 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

We are opening the registrations for Mobile Monday Chennai Edition 2
The event is going to be held on Feb 16th Saturday !
We have only limited seats available for about 50-75 persons.
This is a session targeted at mobile developer.
So all you mobile folks in Chennai are invited !
Register Now
Also you can register on our Google [...]

Mobile Startups in Chennai

Posted: Jan 22nd, 2008 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

If you are a startup or company working on mobile products in Chennai you are invited  to be part of the Mobile  Monday Chennai  chapter.
We are encouraging Mobile Startups in Chennai to come forward.
Please get in touch with us, you can also leave a comment in this post.

Inviting speakers for MoMo Chennai Edition 2

Posted: Dec 21st, 2007 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

Mobile web is hot now, and iPhone is expected to come to India soon.
We are planning to have the second edition of the event based on the mobile web
We want to make it a Hand-on coding session where speakers will demonstrate how to build a mobile web app.
Things which might fit in the title are
1.building [...]

Welcome to Mobile Monday Chennai

Posted: Dec 21st, 2007 | Chennai, MoMo Asia News Feed |

Hi All,
Welcome to the Mobile Monday Chennai Website.
MoMo Chennai is part of the Global  MoMo